06 February 2008 @ 05:03 pm
English > DW/TW/HP/CS > Barty/Jack/Ten/Casanova > "Who’s Casanova?"  
Title: Who’s Casanova?
Pairing: Barty/Jack/Ten/Casanova
Rating: R
Word Count: ?
Summary: They had to sort the "Casanova"-issue...
Disclaimer: BBC and Russel T Davis own all the stuff. I'm not making profit here. Don't sue, please.

Jack pouted. He wouldn’t have admitted it in front of a court of law, mind you, but he was pouting.
“What’s wrong with you?” asked Barty and rolled his eyes. He let fingers glide through the longish hair of the man lying in front of him. “You wanted the ‘Casanova-issue’ sorted. Rather sooner than later.”
Jack leaned back into the mountain of cushions.
“Are you jealous?” whispered a voice at his ear. Jack turned his head to see the grinning Doctor. “Oh yes, you are!”
Jack scowled. “I’m not. I’m definitely not jealous. He’ll be gone soon, right?”
The Doctor still grinned and then kissed Jack. “Oh, my jealous little Jack.”
Jack glared. “I’m not jealous and I’m not little!”
The Doctor let his hand slide beneath the sheets. “Well, no. You’re not little at all!”
Jack grinned. “At least we do have the Casanova-issue sorted…”
Barty glared at them. “Will you shut up or do I have to make you?”
Casanova stirred and Barty sighed. He was somehow very protective of this man.
“But I’m still pretty sure *he* didn’t mention the Doctor, a mysterious Captain or the Doctor’s twin in his biography!”
“You’re not mysterious at all and I’m not his twin,” muttered Barty, still stroking Casanova’s hair.
The Doctor rested his head on Jack’s stomach and grinned. “For once you’re not the centre of attention. How does that make you feel?” he asked jokingly.
“I’m not that much of a show off,” answered Jack and ruffled the Doctor’s hair.
“Oh, but when it comes to… rather when we come to the bedroom you definitely are.”
Jack sat up, the Doctor lost his balance and fell off the bed with a loud thud. “Ouch!”
The Captain leaned over the edge of the bed and started to laugh at the dumbstruck expression on the Time Lord’s face. He fell back into the cushions, laughing so hard he was gasping for air.
“You certainly seem to enjoy yourself,” said their visitor in a deep Italian accent.
“Don’t mind them,” whispered Barty and kissed Giacamo’s neck gently. “They’re just loonies.”
The Doctor’s head came up. “Hey, we may be loonies, but we are proud!”
Jack grinned despite of his foul mood earlier. Well, maybe the Doctor was right.