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Title: Domestic
Spoilers: GoF, Doctor Who Season 2, Torchwood Season 1
Warnings: Slash, Crossover, Threeway
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Bartemius Crouch Jr; Barty/Jack/Ten
Short Cut: One morning in the TARDIS' kitchen.
A/N: I blame this on [info]planetkiller. She wanted, she requested this!
Beta: none

Jack sat at the kitchen table and chewed on his toast with jam. There was nothing better than roasted bread with butter and strawberry jam. He was the only one in the TARDIS to drink coffee and thus the only one to care that the coffee was crap. Or maybe Ianto was really, really good at making coffee.
"Good morning!" grinned the Doctor as he entered the kitchen. He snatched Jacks toast and sat down at the table, too. "Do we have tea?"
Jack nodded and stood up. "Sure." He poured the Doctor a cup of tea, added the two and a half sugar cubes and the three and one third tea spoons of milk.
It was very domestic and the Doctor let it happen. Jack wondered what had made them change so much?
Jack returned to the table with a cup of tea and a new toast. "Have you seen...?"
They both stared as Barty entered the kitchen and poured himself a cup of tea. He wore somewhat purple suit pants and vest over a white shirt with a dark teal tie. A golden watch chain completed his appearance.
"What?" was his comment as he caught the Doctor and Jack staring. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Well, yes, I overslept today. Is there anything wrong with it?"
Jack looked down at his plate and the Doctor looked at the ceiling.
"No." "Nope, not really."
Barty took his cup to the table and sat down. "Do we have anything to eat?"
Jack smiled. "I could offer you a toast with strawberry jam."
Barty shook his head and the Doctor snatched the toast in his place. "Thank you, Jack."
"I'll make my own breakfast then," said Barty and stood up. "Want anything? I'll be making eggs'n'bacon."
"Oh, me too!" squealed the Doctor. He was a sucker for fatty, English cuisine. Chips with salt and vinegar, full English breakfast, doughnuts whether jam-filled or the ring-formed...
"I'll stick with my strawberry jam and toast. Thank you," smiled Jack and watched Barty cook breakfast.
They were a really strange trio. But for now they were working well...
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