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English > DW/TW/HP > Barty/Jack/Ten > "But now that he's here...?"
Title: But now that he's here...?
Spoilers: GoF, Doctor Who Season 2, Torchwood Season 1
Warnings: Slash, Crossover
Rating: Totally Mature
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Bartemius Crouch Jr; Barty/Jack/Ten
Short Cut: It's late at night but Jack can't sleep. So he thinks instead.
A/N: I blame this on [info]planetkiller. She wanted, she requested this!
Beta: none

Jack looked at the ceiling and sighed. He had woken because he needed to pee. Not very badly, but it'd been nice to give the toilet a flying visit before crawling back in bed. But lanky limbs were all over him, two sets of arms and legs holding him in place.
Jack turned his head to his left and then his right to watch his sleeping lovers' faces for a moment.
It was hard to decide who was who when it was dark. Barty was blond and the Doctor brunette, but the difference wasn't that big.
"Fine, I don't want to wake them, so I'll have to try to fall asleep again."

It was a bit harder than he'd expected because he was watching those two men and he started to think.
Barty had travelled with them for just maybe three weeks now. He was always the perfect gentleman, although sometimes something seemed to just peek out from beneath that face of him.
It was more obvious when they were in bed together. It wasn't only the Doctor's mole that made it possible for keeping him and Barty apart. Something raw showed in Barty's eyes when they had sex. Jagged emotions looking back at Jack whenever he gazed into those brown orbs.
When Barty was nervous sometimes his tongue started darting out at the corner of his mouth as if he was linking a sore spot there. Jack found it extremely sexy - but sometimes it just worried him. He was no expert but the tongue-thing (as he had dubbed it) was a bit too much for a simple displacement activity.
Jack turned his head again and found dark eyes watching him. He watched back before coming to the conclusion that it must be the Doctor. Yes, there were troubled emotions in his gaze but they missed their edges, the unknown of primal fear.
The Doctor came leaned over and whispered "You didn't wake me" in Jack's ear. As if they'd still need to talk.
Together the managed to un-tangle Jack from the web of limbs and slid a bit away from Barty. They wanted to be careful, he needed his sleep.
"He'll join in if he wakes," whispered the Time Lord and Jack never understood why the man just can't shut up - even in bed, even now. And Jack tries a little harder to render him speechless with those fast little thrusts and slient kisses.
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