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Title: Second chances?
Spoilers: GoF, Doctor Who Season 2
Warnings: Slash, Crossover
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Bartemius Crouch Jr; Barty/Jack
Short Cut: Barty is sent back to Azkaban. But something interferes.
A/N: This is so non-canon! AU. Crack! And... uhm... Tenth and Rose and Jack? So AU...
Beta: none

It'd been on the transport to Azkaban that he had been set free. He, Bartemius Crouch Junior, had been set free by a stranger. Accidentally.
A man who looked like he could have been his brother (if it hadn't been for his lack of magical powers), a extraordinarily average blonde girl (she reminded him of the Malfoys - bloody traitors! Hah! Bloody traitors - blood traitors. What a pun!) and a quite handsome bloke with brown hair and blue eyes.
Back to the story. They had crossed the path of the transport. He'd been transported in a dirty old - but strongly warded - carriage. On the ground! But Barty had to admit that travelling on the ground often was more likely to keep one off the radar of the Dark Lord than any spell was.
The Dementors - the magical beasts they were - sensed the three muggles and were distracted for a moment. They were hungry and three muggles in the countryside were unlikely to go missing. Even the Dementors knew that.
But the muggles proved to be stronger than the Dementors, killed or chased them away and found Barty in his carriage.
"Brilliant! Bloody fantastic!" the man in the suit had exclaimed when he had pointed something like a wand but *not* a wand (Barty was picky about that) at the carriage. "I haven't seen such a masterwork in centuries! An energetical web all around the carriage. You can't get in, you can't get out."
"Oh, really, fantastic. That means you're gonna leave me in here to starve?" Barty was - despite his mocking tone - quite nervous and his tongue started the flicking-thing again.
"Doctor, we can't do that!" said blondie.
"I have to admit that he surely was locked up for a reason," said the second man and Barty felt his heart sink. "But Rose is right. We can't leave him in there."
The man in the suit seemed to think. "Perhaps I should have said something different. Perhaps I should have said, 'Humans can't get in and humans can't get out'."
With that he pointed his wand-like-but-not-wand-thing at the carriage and the door opened. Barty was amazed but wary. He tested with his hand if the path was clear before he jumped out.
"You could use a bath," was the first thing suit-guy said.
"I've been in there for two days. What'd you expect?" shot Barty back.
Blondie replied, "Maybe you'd like to come with us and... Doctor, can't we take him to the TARDIS and bring him back?"
"Where do you live?" now handsome-guy wanted to know. "And, by the way, my name is Captain Jack Harkness."
"Bartemius Crouch Jr. But most people only call me Barty."
Jack grinned in a sort of suggestive way. "Okay, Barty."
"And I'm Rose," said blondie.
"I might want to stick with *blondie* in my thoughts," mused Barty.
Rose gave suit-guy a little shove. "Wha'? Ah... well, I'm the Doctor. Just the Doctor, thanks."
Barty straightened himself. "Well, thank you then, Jack, Rose and... Doctor. But I don't think there's anywhere you can take me."
Rose giggled. "Believe me, there isn't anywhere we can't take you. We've got... this ship..."
"My parents are both dead and I don't have any family left."
The Doctor shrugged his shoulders and turned around. "Well, if you say so, bye then!"
But Jack interrupted, still grinning like a cat... you know the rest. He laid his arm around Barty's shoulder and gave the Doctor a - puppy eyes look? "I'm sure we can find a place for Barty to stay while he has a nice, hot shower."
The Doctor groaned. "Well, then *come*!" He muttered the whole way until they stood in front of a muggle police call box. Barty had seen them before. Some muggles had thought they could lock him in some of those when he'd been on Death Eater raids.
That had been in towns though. What did something like that do on a hill in the Scottish countryside?
But this box surprised Barty even more. For a moment he wanted to believe that these three were wizards because the box was bigger on the inside. Much bigger.
"Oh, no big deal," said the Doctor and Jack showed Barty where he could have a shower - "...or perhaps you'd like to take a bath?"
Barty couldn't help but grin at himself. If he'd more time he like to "get to know" Jack a little better.

In the end he did have the time because when they came back into the foyer or whatever that room was - Barty was showered and dressed into something more appropriate than Moody's old robes - the Doctor was using a hammer on the console in the centre.
"You managed to get his good looks out again, fine," said the Doctor before crawling on top of the console again. "But it seems like we won't be able to get anywhere soon. TARDIS has got some issues. Looks like she's got a sort of panic attack or something."
Jack grinned and turned to Barty.
"I'd better show you a room where you can sleep tonight then."
As they were walking down the hall Barty replied. "Maybe you can show me where you sleep first."
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