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Plan B
slightly hinted slash
Doctor (9th/10th); Doctor/?
Short Cut:
Everyone needs a companion. The Doctor seems to need a little help finding one.
My first Doctor Who FanFic. Any speculations about the events of 1x13 - "Parting of the Ways" are purely mine and probably so very wrong...

Nobody in this world should be left to walk their path alone. Neither should anyone have to see life and love fading right in front of their eyes - but there is no way his sorrow can be eased by ending his life.
As many companions as he has found over the years he still is the one to have to move on while others cannot follow him anymore.
The Curse of the Time Lords.
Our lives are bound by an eternal vow. My powers are fading with his, while my strength can only be stood by him. And after years, thousands of years passing by, travelling throughout time and space without destination, without an end, I decided that I had to find someone like him. Someone for him. As much affection as I might feel for him, there is no way it could move him.
I had to find someone who could match my affection.
In the end it came down to making someone like him. I had to give them the life he is burdened with. I simply had to, I saw no other way to end this misery. Now we just have to wait. He doesn’t know yet, but my present for him, the… youngling, will arrive soon.
So much to be taught, so much to be shared, so many lifetimes in their future…

Plan B – as in Bad Wolf.